Tuesday, February 15, 2011

postheadericon Blue Funk Forum Set - PTU Tutorial

Supplies needed:
Scrapkit of Choice
Tube of Choice
Eye Candy 4 - Gradient Glow
Xero - Porcelain & Radience

I'm using the PTU kit by Addictive Pleasures called "Blue Funk"
I'm using the artwork of Elias Chatzoudis.
My original license is with MPT however he is now with PTE.
You will need a license from PTE if you don't have one already.

Lets get started!

Open up a 550x250 blank image.
Floodfill with a color of choice.
Copy and past a paper of choice that compliments your color.
Position it to the right of your tag so that only 1/4 of it is showing.
Take your selection tool and trace the paper that is showing.
Go to Selections, hit invert then hit delete.
Now go back to Selections, hit Select All. Do not deselect.
Go back again to Selections, modify, Select selection borders.
Apply the following settings:

Make sure you still have the marching ants on this layer.
Create a new layer.
Floodfill the border selection with a color that compliments then hit ok.

Go to Adjust, Add/Remove Noise, Add Noise and apply the following settings:

On the bottom layer follow the same steps as above.
Create a new layer above the bottom layer.
Select all, modify, Select selection borders and apply the settings as above.
Use the same color you applied in the above steps.

Next, find a texture of choice and paste as a new layer.
I placed mine over the bottom layer.
On my layer palette I put my blend mode on hard light.

Choose a tube of choice and duplicate it a few times.
If following my example duplicate it 3 times.
Position your tubes accordingly.
Bring these layers below the textured layer.

Now apply the tube again and position it to where you like it.
Duplicate the tube.
On the 1st layer go to Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur, put it at 4 and hit ok.
On the top layer apply the following settings using Xero, Porcelain.

Go back to Xero but this time apply the Radience filter using these settings:

Now draw 2 rectangles on your tag (Refer to mine for placement)
Foreground nil and background a color that compliments your tag.
Once done convert this layer to a raster layer.
Apply the same noise settings as above.
I drew thin rectangles on each side to make it look like a border.

Take your pen tool and put the line style @ 4 using the diamond line style.
Make sure the pen tool is on Draw lines & Polylines and create it on a vector layer.
Draw out 2 lines on each rectangle.
Choose colors according to your tag.
You can add other elements of choice to your tag if you'd like.

Last step is to add a white border thick enough to add text.
Im using the font pixelette, size 8, Anti-Alias off.
Type out your phrase of choice.

Add your copyright info and don't forget to tag your work.

To create the avatar:

Open a 150x150 blank image.
Copy part of your tag and paste it.
I hit undo several times to get my unmerged layers.
I kept the first few layers, hid the rest and copy merged then pasted it.
I then pasted my original tube and positioned it to my liking.

Follow the same steps as above to create a border.
Use a color that matches.
To draw the dotted lines go to your preset shape tool and select rectangle
Put the line style diamond, color is foreground and background is nil.

For the names I choose a color of choice.
I use the noise settings as above.
For the gradient glow for all my text I use the following settings:

For future tags just change the second color.
Add a dropshadow of choice.

Hope this tutorial was easy enough to follow.
If you need any help then please let me know.

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