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Be Aware

Click on the tag for a larger preview

Supplies needed:
Scrapkit of Choice
Tube of Choice
Mask(s) of Choice
Font(s) of Choice
Filters: MuRas Miester & Eye Candy 4000

I'll be using the freebie kit by Clarey's Designz which you can find on her blog here.
Thanks Clarey for such gorgeous freebie!
Please make sure you leave her some love if you download!

The tube I'm using is a free tube by Ismael Rac and its in honor of BCA.
Please visit his site here for the tube (You still need a license to use his art)

Let's get started!!

Create a new 700x700 image and floodfill with white for now.

Open up Clareys round frame and resize it by approximately 20%.
You can resize it a little more if you find its too big.
Add a dropshadow of 1, 1, 30, 3, color back and hit ok.

Next, open up paper #7 from her kit and resize it by approximately 20%.
Resize the same paper again by another %75.
Copy and paste as a new layer below the frame layer.
Take your magic wand and click inside the circle of the frame layer.
Go to Selections, expand and expand it by 5.
Then go back to Selections, invert (make sure you on the paper layer) and hit delete.

Open up the buttefly scatter element and resize it by approximately 10%.
Copy and paste as a new layer below the paper layer of your tag.
Now go to Effects and find MuRas Meister - effect: copies.
Apply the following settings and hit ok.

Now while on that same layer, go to Layers, Load/Save Mask, Load Mask from Disk.
Im using Mask # 133 from Weescottlass and you can find her masks here.
Apply the following settings:

Once done, in your layer palette right click on the mask layer and merge group.

Open up your tube of choice.
If you're using the tube I'm using then follow these instructions.
Choose the tube layer hide out the rest and copy merged and paste as a new layer.
Resize the tube layer by approximately 85%.
Now we're going to put some of the image inside the framed layer by following these settings:
Take your selection tool and while holding down the ctrl key, select the parts you want outside the frame.
Refer to the following image for reference.

Once you've done that go to right click on the tube layer in your palette.
And promote section to layer and go to Selections and select none.
Bring the main tube below the frame layer and leave the cut parts above it.
Now it should look like the layer is hanging out of the frame.
Add a dropshadow of choice to your main tube layer.

Next open up paper1 and resize it by approximately 20% and paste as a new layer.
Make sure its at the bottom of your layers (just above the white background)
Go to Layers, Load/Save Mask, Load Mask from Disk.
This time we'll be using Mask #404 from Insatiable Dreams which you can find here.
Its in the Mask set #9.
Apply the same settings as before.
Refer to the image for the first mask that you applied.

For the text "Be Aware" I used the font impact, size 125.
I opened 2 papers of choice and resized them by 20% each.
Type out your text of choice and right click on your materials layer.
Choose other and then select the tab pattern.
Look for your first paper and then hit ok and do the same but alternate your papers.
Once done, go to Effects and choose Eye Gradient 4000 and apply the following settings:

For the breast cancer ribbon I chose the darker one.
Resize it by approximately 10% and then by another 85% or so.
Add a dropshadow of choice to the layer and right click in your layer palette and hit duplicate.
Position them over your letter A's or to your liking.

Open up the pink branch and resize it by approximately 10%.
Paste as a new layer below the framed layers and position it to the top right of the frame.
Add the same gradient glow as above and a dropshadow of choice.
Duplicate that layer then go to image, mirror, then back to image but this time flip it.
Now open up the bra element and resize it to your liking.
I placed mine as if it were hanging over the finger.
Add a dropshadow of choice.

For my name I used the font carpenter script size 150.
Go to Adjust, Add/Remove Noise, Add Noise and add the following settings and hit ok.

Now add the same gradient glow settings as above and a dropshadow of choice.
Don't forget to add any necessary copyright info and tag your work!

Hope this tutorial was easy to follow (its been awhile)
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment.


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