Tuesday, December 21, 2010

postheadericon Pink Christmas - PTU Tutorial

Supplies needed:

Tube of choice
Scrapkit by Addictive Pleasures
dsb flux
Mask of choice
Winter Image

Artwork by Sonia Roji.
You need a license to use her work which you can find here.

This tutorial will be explained using the PTU kit Pink Christmas.
You can find this gorgeous kit by Tamie here.
If you cannot use this kit then just use a kit that you like!

Lets get started!!

Open up a new image 700x700. Floodfill with white for now.
Go to your preset shape tool and select the Rectangle tool
Choose white for your background color and put x out the foreground.
Draw out a rectangle approximately 545 x 290.
While still on this layer go to selections, select all, float & defloat.
Now go to modify, select, selection borders and apply the following settings:

Hit ok but don't hit select not just yet.
Create a new layer first, hit effects and go to dsb flux.
Apply the following settings then hit ok.

Open up paper 6 and copy and paste as a new layer below the border of the above frame.
Take your magic wand and click on the white rectangle then hit invert.
Go back to your paper layer and hit delete.

Next, open up the pink filmstrip and resize it by approx 85%.
Copy and paste as a new layer.
Now go to effects, dsb flux and apply the following settings then hit ok.
Position the frame accordingly or refer to my tag for placement.
Take your magic wand, click inside each frame while holding the ctrl key down.
Create a new layer below the frame and floodfill with a matching color.
Under selections hit invert then hit the delete key. Select none

Now find a winter themed image (there's alot of free stock images you can google)
Place it below the pink filmstrip layer.
Take your magic wand and hold down the ctrl key.
Click inside each frame and then go to selections, modify and expand by 3.
On your image layer go back to selections, hit invert then delete. Select none.
While on this layer go to the layer palette and change the blend mode to overlay.

Open up tree3 and resize it by approximately 50%
Copy and paste as a new layer.
Position to to the left of your tag.
I took various other elements and resized them accordingly to fit my tag.
Dropshadows added were 2, -1, 45, 5, black. You can vary these settings.

For the mask layer find a mask that you like.
Choose a complimentary paper and place it just above the white background.
Once done, don't forget to merge group in your layer palette.

For my font I used Copperplate Gothic. Size can vary.
Choose a complimentary color and type out your name.
Next use the same noise settings as above and hit ok.
Now go to Eye Candy 4000, gradient glow and use the following settings:

Add a dropshadow of choice and thats it!
Delete your white background layer and save as a .png file.
If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


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